•  Scientifically Proven Results

    Real life experiences: Get back to read newspapers easily * Improve image processing abilities making it faster

  • Use Your Brain Better

    * Instead of trying to fix the eye, teach your brain to overcome the flaws of age * Accurate & fast image processing * Improve reading speed

  • It’s Easy and Fun

    * Runs on your smartphone or tablet * Only takes 15 min, every other day over a 3-month period

  • Eliminate the Need for Reading Glasses

    Tested and validated by the scientific community * Scientifically tested at the university of Canifornia, Berkeley



Who wouldn’t dream about going back to the days when no reading glasses were needed to read a newspaper? As we age, we experience a deterioration of our near vision – a process which has a vast effect on our everyday life. Yet, it has been proven recently that near vision may be restored naturally! GlassesOff are presenting their vision training application – a product that has been scientifically studied with proven results. These studies have confirmed that practicing on a series of simple eye exercises can actually reduce the eye age and improve vision of those who suffer from near vision deficiency. GlassesOff has combined academic knowledge accumulated over decades of research, with the advantages of a modern technology, bringing this application to your iPhone, to be practiced at your maximal convenience. On our website, you will find information about the product and about the vision training technology.
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