improve vision

Your way to improve vision through non-invasive or surgical vision correction

Is it possible to improve vision with non-invasive, non-surgical vision training? For literally centuries people have been interested in how to enhance their eyesight. Contrary to what you may think, there are natural methods for this process, through eyesight therapy. Many of these techniques have been passed from generation to generation.

The problem is that currently there are fewer people who know how to treat the problem  naturally, or know it is even possible. Most people cannot imagine any other option other than going through complicated procedures. They have no awareness that they can achieve vision improvement naturally, even without glasses or contacts. Usually people seek help from vision professionals first without finding out about a natural procedure. Sadly, in many cases vision professional will recommend contacts or glasses for vision correction. Rarely do they advocate trying to improve vision naturally. This is mostly due to the negative publicity about natural eye exercises, thus many doubt that it is even in the realm of possibility.

Get rid of the glasses: The way to improve vision using correction training

So take the condition of being farsighted. What is the best way to strengthen your eyesight naturally when you are far sighted? Experts disagree on how to get this result when you struggle to see close objects in detail or have a hard time reading. There are many software companies that state that they know how to improve vision without devices or surgical procedures. This is also known as natural vision improvement. Many organizations advertise eye exercises. The claims are normally that are able to lead to an improvement. The new eye exercises they propose are touted as able to achieve results. Keep in mind though that not all the exercises you see online have been tested scientifically to verify that they actually do achieve good results. Many of the advertisements for these kind of exercises are false and misleading in their claims that they can lead to an actual improvement.

With the GlassesOff  vision correction iPhone app, you learn a scientifically proven path to ease your reading problems. Instance difficulty with near vision is one case where you can address the problem naturally. GlassesOff can help you with eyesight deficiency and therefore lose the annoying glasses with 15 minutes of training each day.

GlassesOff is a non-surgical solution. It is a software that will show you the path to a better vision by boosting brain performance. Fundamentally it is a solution that shows you the way to a natural improvement by positively affecting the visual cortex of the brain by enhancing the sensitivity to contrast and delaying the deterioration of the eyes, in addition to a faster image processing. The process is based on the concept of perceptual learning. So how do you achieve this through perceptual exercises? How to improve eyesight naturally by doing perceptual exercises on the computer?  GlassesOff developed an app to improve vision using iPhone with characteristics of learning methods that work sub-consciously rather than the more common conscious forms of knowledge. The vision correction app reveals how to improve by encouraging structural and functional improvements in the brain’s visual cortex.