Vision therapy

Vision therapy with eye exercises

How to find the appropriate vision therapy in order to improve eyesight naturally?
People where interested in vision correction for many centuries.
Most methods that were used for enhancing the eyesight have been passed from generation to generation.
Some older approaches to this practice are used today.

Many people do not realize that vision improvement is possible without sophisticated clinical procedures.
Unfortunately, in most cases, visual experts will recommend glasses or contact lenses for treating eye problems, instead of any other type of natural vision improvement.
Moreover, with all the negative publicity about natural eye exercises, many doubt that a natural process is possible.

Vision therapy for far sightedness

There is a debate among many experts in vision on this matter when it becomes difficult to see close objects in detail or to read.
Many types of software companies claim that they provide vision therapy with no external devices or clinical procedures.
These companies offer online treatment. However, not every method has been scientifically tested.
Thus, many advertisements of vision therapy are often misleading in claiming to know how to improve eyesight.

Unlike vision therapy’s providers, GlassesOff developed an app for iPhone based on a vision enhancement method capable of improving eyesight by boosting the performance of your brain.
By enhancing the contrast sensitivity, users improve eyesight naturally and, thus, compensate for the biological worsening of the eyes.
Thus, unlike the various other companies, GlassesOff provides the vision enhencement app for iPhone that allows reading without the need to use glasses or contact lenses.